Since his election in 2012 as Orange County Commissioner, Mark Dorosin has tirelessly advocated for ALL Orange County residents. He has worked diligently for educational equity and opportunity and for social, racial and economic justice. Working with engaged community members and policymakers, Mark has achieved results.

➢ Education: In the face of drastic state budget cuts, Mark was the only Orange County Commissioner to support the full funding requested by our school boards. As a civil rights lawyer fighting for racial equity in schools across the state, and as a parent of three children Chapel Hill schools, Mark understands the critical role education plays for all residents in our community.

➢ Economic Opportunity: Mark has been a driving force behind the Family Success Alliance, a coalition providing resources and opportunities to impoverished communities and families in Orange County; led the fight to make a real investment in affordable housing – $5 million dollars- in the upcoming bond referendum; and pushed to expand the county living wage ordinance to include ABC employees, seasonal county workers, and school employees.

➢ Social Justice: Mark remains a stalwart proponent of full compensation for the Rogers Road community, which housed the Orange county landfill for over 40 years, including a push for an aggressive timeline for installation of sewer lines and insisting that residents get long overdue access at no cost.

➢ Leadership & Experience: With his 20+ year history as a lawyer and community activist, Mark is able to bring a unique perspective, clarity of vision, and leadership to the board, which his colleagues recently recognized by electing him Vice-Chair.

Mark speaks at the dedication of the Rogers Road Community Center.

Mark speaks at the dedication of the Rogers Road Community Center.